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so... you want to contact me huh?

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Note: No asking to add stuff, only for bugs and questions.

here are things you shoud NEVER ask.

Will there be adults only stuff on here? No, you creep.

Can i host your car pics on my website? you can use it, but there will be an embed code soon, or just email me. if now.

whats ur favorite food, i think its _______. your wrong, its pizza.

will you promote _______? No, i put my own ads.

do u leik poop loll. bruh.

stuff that i think you will say.

Oi! the website was down! it was only down for one day.

WHY DID YOU DELETE THE MUSIC PAGE!?!?! its back dumdum.

add more flash games. i will do that on probably monday.

can you put advertising plzzzzzzz????? yeah, no sorry, i dont want to accidentally put inappropriate ads.